Get to Know Kevin Dooley '93

Kevin DooleyKevin Dooley graduated from the University of San Diego in 1993 and has made a significant impact on the alumni association as a dedicated volunteer. While serving on the alumni association board of directors, Kevin came up with the idea for the USD Wine Classic, which has become one of USD's most popular fundraisers. The fourth annual USD Wine Classic, held on July 22, raised more than $50,000 for the Alumni Endowed Scholarship Fund.

Q. What have you been up to since graduation?

A. Since I graduated in 1993, I have worked in some pretty diverse industries. From hotels to semiconductors to software to landscape maintenance industries, I have always been in sales. In 2010, I joined CCS Fundraising as a consultant helping nonprofits structure multimillion-dollar campaigns, conducting feasibility studies and organizational assessments. I have been fortunate to help nonprofit organizations in Missouri, Montana and Massachusetts, as well as various locations throughout southern California. Not only do I get to make new friends and professional relationships at each stop, I have been able to explore some amazing national parks and historical locations along the way.

Q. What is your fondest memory of USD?

A. Orientation week (now Torero Days) is still the most memorable experience for me. During that first week of activities, I met those who are still my closest friends today. And as a transfer student, I really appreciated the attention given to the needs of students who were not college freshmen but were "fresh" to San Diego.

Q. What is your favorite place on campus and why?

A. Although there are many places I liked at USD-Founder's Chapel, The University Center, The Vistas and West Point Field-two come to mind immediately. The first is the Career Services Center. Using the resources in Career Services Center helped me narrow down three or four career paths that would take advantage of my natural talents and gifts. The second is the Degheri Alumni Center (DAC). The USD Wine Classic was created in the conference rooms of the DAC in early 2008 while I was a member of the alumni board. Having a place for alumni to call their own when returning to campus allows Toreros to come together to reflect on the past. Also, and more importantly, it allows for new ideas to start and gain traction under the guidance and leadership of the staff in the alumni office.

Q. How have you remained involved with USD since graduation?

A. Upon graduation, I remained involved as a volunteer for Homecoming weekends and, until this year, I had attended alumni honors since its inception. Sometime in the late 1990s, I was asked by then-Director of Alumni Relations John Trifiletti '78 to join the alumni association board of directors. As a student, I had worked with John through the student alumni association. While on the alumni board, I made some strong connections with my fellow Toreros.

In 2006, fellow board member Shannon Smith '86 established the Alumni Endowed Scholarship Fund and I found myself asking, "How are we going to make this scholarship fund stand out?" After some research and working with fellow board members, in early 2008, I offered the idea of the USD Wine Classic. As founder of the Wine Classic, I am extremely proud of how the university's administration, the board of trustees, the alumni office, our amazing faculty and of course my fellow alumni have been supportive of the event and its goals. This is my final year on the alumni board, but I will always remain connected to USD and certainly the USD Wine Classic. USD is a part of my foundation that can't be removed.

Q. What inspires you to consistently give back to USD?

A. I was fortunate to have parents who raised their children to give back to our parish and our community. Whether it was time, talent or treasure, giving was expected. They knew that we would grow spiritually from the experience and that our efforts would impact our community. I am inspired by their witness as servant leaders.

Today, it is the students and faculty of USD that inspire me and keep me young at heart. I know that giving $100 to the Alumni Endowed Scholarship Fund, volunteering at Homecoming or championing the USD Wine Classic can help a student fulfill the dream of a college degree. I hope that my involvement will help future Toreros to have a complete and rewarding experience outside the classroom as well.

Q. Which aspects of USD's growth and development are you most interested in supporting?

A. The Alumni Endowed Scholarship Fund has a special place in my heart, and with the USD Wine Classic supporting its growth, I will continue to support the fund first. I will also support the alumni office, as they take on the work of 10 with a team half that size. The baseball program has improved year after year under the leadership of Coach Rich Hill and Coach Jay Johnson. With plans for a new stadium in the works, I am excited to be a part of the overall development of USD's athletic needs in the near future. Finally, as a graduate of the College of Arts and Science, I want to start supporting Dean Mary Boyd's various programs. Although I was a business minor, it was the political science classes that taught me the skills of negotiating and how to work toward a common goal with others who may have a different opinion than me.

One more important message: Alumni need to be reminded that giving consistently—no matter the size of the gift—should be a part of their annual giving plan. If an additional 5 percent of my fellow Toreros could give $50 to $100 dollars a year, or even monthly to the program or scholarship of their choice, it would impact and support so many students! It would also improve the number of grants available to our amazing faculty. This, in my opinion, is the least we can do, considering we have a college degree that helped form who we are today.

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