2014 Bridges Scholarship Recipients Grateful for Assistance

Nizette Krebs and Jeremiah Medina

Nizette Krebs, Class of 2015, and Jeremiah Medina, Class of 2016, received the largest amounts that the Bridges Scholarship has produced so far to attend the University of San Diego.

On Dec. 2, 2014, this year's two recipients of the Bridges Endowed Scholarship joined members of Bridges Academy for the annual Holiday Luncheon.

Nizette Krebs, Class of 2015, and Jeremiah Medina, Class of 2016, received $2,800 each-the largest scholarships the endowment has produced so far!

This amount is nearly triple the amount of the inaugural scholarships that the fund produced in 2005 and is a testament to the generosity of Bridges Academy donors. The scholarship is awarded to one fine arts student and one general education student each year.

Nizette, who majors in visual art and minors in marine science, is beginning her final semester at USD. She shared that combining her studies of science and art represents her lifelong curiosity for how our world works and her passion for discovery and making connections.

Originally from Virginia, she chose to attend USD because of its strong visual arts programs and because the university offered a generous financial aid package. Soon, however, she found that USD offers even more-a community of small class sizes, supportive relationships with faculty and endless opportunities for campus involvement.

Nizette immediately joined the art department's "Basement Society," the a cappella group Treble Threat and Alpha Chi Omega sorority. Additionally, she has been a part of intramural soccer, Outdoor Adventures, University Concert Choir, Founders Chapel Choir and took the opportunity to study abroad through the Semester at Sea program.

Throughout her four years at USD, Nizette has held an on-campus work-study job and is used to juggling a full schedule of work, school and extracurricular activities. In the future, she hopes to get a Master of Fine Arts degree and build a career as an indoor and outdoor installation artist.

In her speech during the Bridges Academy Holiday Luncheon, she said to donors, "Thank you for your belief in me as a student, as an explorer and as an artist."

Jeremiah grew up in Southern California, and shared that because of the low-income status of the community, when it came to college opportunities, the resources in place at his high school "were actually lowering our aspirations from pursuing our dreams to simply graduating."

With hard work, and the support of his family and teachers, he applied and was accepted to several California state universities. He began college at CSU Chico, but soon found it difficult to manage his work schedule to pay for housing while acclimating to college in overcrowded classes. His search for a smaller, private university began and a friend introduced him to the University of San Diego.

He believed, at first, that attending USD would be impossible, but says that "since the day of my acceptance, the University of San Diego has been willing and able to ensure that I would not need to worry." A number of financial aid options have allowed him to focus on his studies.

Jeremiah is pursuing a degree in mechanical engineering. He has participated in multidisciplinary research projects and has even traveled to the Dominican Republic to take part in a humanitarian engineering project. Jeremiah intends to pursue a career in humanitarian and environmental engineering with international organizations such as Engineers Without Borders, and says that his USD experience has been full of great friends and incredible opportunities within and beyond the Shiley-Marcos School of Engineering.

"The knowledge I've been given in the course of my undergraduate education now leaves me with the responsibility to apply that knowledge in a way that benefits far more than just myself," he said.

Nizette's and Jeremiah's full speeches are available to read online.

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